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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Annual Fund?

  • A fund that helps create a long-lasting culture of giving.
  • A fund that contributes extra income to the School’s budget.

Donations to the Annual Fund go towards Edge of Excellence projects that must be completed in a 8 - 12 month time frame following the end of the Annual Giving Campaign. The 2018 projects were chosen based on the responses from a survey to parents from last school year and on the alignment with the ongoing strategic plan. If you would like to give your opinion and share ideas for the future, please email here.

The Annual Giving Campaign is a 6-week long effort by the community and for the community that is led by a team of ASFM Parents. The 2018 campaign will take place from October 1 through November 9, 2018.

Where do the Tuition and Fees go in ASFM?

ASFM expenses include:

  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance
  • Public Services
  • Books & Didactic Materials
  • Computers and IT Software
  • Buildings, desks and chairs
  • Insurance
  • Office Supplies
  • Scholarships
  • Others

Why does ASFM need additional sources of funding?

  • Accelerates the implementation cycle of innovation allowing certain projects to be launched, that otherwise would not be possible, or would take a much longer time to become a reality.
  • Benchmark and compete with top independent schools around the world!
  • Next step towards becoming a top-level school on a global scale!

What is the endowment fund?

The ASFM Endowment Fund was created to provide long term stability to the school.

Besides the original funds that resulted from the sale of an important asset, the primary sources of the Endowment Fund are approved restricted funds transfers and specified donations.

The Endowment Fund should be maintained in perpetuity; so that future generations of Eagles may benefit from it as well.

What is the Annual Fund Financial Goal for 2018?

  • Raise enough financial support to fund the 3 new projects.
  • Positively impact the way our 2400+ students learn.
  • Encourage our families to participate in this great campaign!

A family can donate any amount they feel comfortable. However, it is important for you to know that to completely fund the 3 projects, the amount per ASFM students would be $5,000 pesos.

What is an Edge of Excellence project?

Edge of Excellence projects will provide our students with the knowledge and tools necessary to confront and resolve important issues of their lives. These projects will give our students the opportunity to be launched from an advantageous platform into the real world.

How did the Edge of Excellence projects were chosen?

The new projects have been chosen based on input from last year’s post campaign survey and based on their direct link to the ASFM vision, mission, and strategic plan.

What is the budget for the 2018 Edge of Excellence projects?

Each year we have a tentative budget based on our goal. At the end of the campaign

the design of the projects is adjusted depending on the funds that have been raised from donors. We start out usually with a $200,000 annual USD budget per project.

How to give?

Donors can give in any of the following ways:

  • Fill out a Pledge Form (download here) and bring it to the cashier, or fill out the Online Pledge Form at
  • Contact Marcela C. de la Garza Evia, Alumni and Development Coordinator, Email: and Phone: +52(81)-21870119

Is there a tax benefit for my donation?

Yes, ASFM can issue tax-deductible receipts for donations.