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How to give

How to give to the Annual Giving Campaign

Donations to the Edge of Excellence Annual Giving Campaign are made through a pledge authorization form.  The ASFM Cashier and the Alumni and Development office have the Edge of Excellence Annual Giving Campaign Pledge Forms available. 
For your convenience, here you can find the online version of the Pledge Form in addition to the print PDF form, so that it will be easier for you to fill out.

Physical pledges can be received at the following sites before February 1st:
1. Classroom teacher
2. Elementary or MSHS Main Offices
3. ASFM Cashier
4. ASFM Alumni and Development Office
Payment options:
Charge to tuition:
  - One time payment or 
  - 2 or up to 6 installments (due before May 31st of next year of the campaign.)
Made at the cashier:
-  Check
-  Credit Card
Tax-Deductible receipts are available.
Would like to make a donation, in money or in kind, to ASFM?
Please CLICK HERE to give us your name and number and we will be back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!