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Open and caring

"It's In Your Hands"

April 4th, 2019

Research has shown that parent involvement has a huge positive impact on student learning. Our hope is to share with you the many ways in which we are developing innovative and responsive ways to advance student learning so that every child experiences both success and challenge. By better understanding the ways that ASFM is transforming practice to provide more inclusive approaches for all students, parents can support their academic and social decision making process.

During the Keynote, Dr. Lea Waters is going to stimulate our thinking and discussion with her Positive Parenting and Positive Teaching conferences. Afterwards, parents are invited to attend workshops of particular interest. Presentations will include videos, and discussion groups with facilitators skilled in managing dialogue around sensitive topics designed to expand awareness and understanding.

Parents will have the opportunity to choose two twenty-five minute workshops.

By naming this conference “It’s In Your Hands,” we are inviting you to become an advocate for your child and an agent for change.


Agenda for Open and Caring

Keynotes by Dr. Lea Waters
3:30 - 4:20 pm
"Strength-Based Teaching: Bringing Out the Best in Students & Teachers"
- Pre-reading material for staff

8:00 - 8:50 pm "Strength-Based Parenting: Small Shifts Can Make a Positive Difference in Your Kids".
Cost: $100 pesos per attendee per conference

9:00 - 9:25 pm
Workshop #1
9:30 - 9:55 pm Workshop #2
Find workshops program below
Workshops have NO cost

Hosts will direct parents to workshop and presentation locations and guide them through the night. Some sessions may be presented in English only, but questions can be asked and answered in Spanish.

We still have spots available for both conferences and workshops. Please register upon arrival. Once you sign the registration form you will be chargeD to your ASFM account.

Workshop Program

Parent Panel: Parenting in the Real World

Description: Session to discuss the following:
- How will my child face a world that is not inclusive?
- How will my child face the world after ASFM?
- What can parents do to support Inclusion?
Presenters: Verónica Elizondo, Fernando López, Rodrigo Laddaga, Claudia Sandoval, and Tere González
Audience: All

How can Parents Speak with Teachers to Advocate for their Children?

Description: Session on the educational framework “Universal Design for Learning: A Parent Guide” and how to apply this knowledge and skills to daily routines.
Presenter: Teressa Pace
Audience: All parents

What Inclusion Looks Like: in the classroom, at home, and in our community.

Description: A reflective workshop to dive into the meaning of inclusion across environments: our school, our home, and our community.
Presenters: Ana Paula Villarreal, and Karina César
Audience: Elementary

Fostering a Growth Mindset

Description: Session on fixed vs. growth mindset and the impact that parents’ words have on their children.
Presenters: Rosy Saucedo, Iliana Garcia, and Estela Manrique
Audience: Elementary

The Ups and Downs of Social Life in Elementary School

Description: Session to learn practical ways to support children as they ride the highs and lows of the Elementary social roller coaster.
Presenters: Michele Neale, and Misty Moore
Audience: Elementary

It’s All About the Books!

Description: Session on how to purposefully choose read aloud books with specific themes, such as inclusion.
Presenters: Fiona Morales, and Claudia Reyes
Audience: Elementary

Learning in Motion (LIM)

Description: Session on a teaching method that deepens student learning and promotes teamwork.
Presenters: Martha Fiehn, and Graciela Livas
Audience: Elementary

Why is everyone talking about SEL?

Description: Session on Social Emotional Learning and how it will impact teaching and learning at ASFM.
Presenter: Laurie Behan
Audience: Elementary

"Appreciation or Apology" Ending your day on a positive note.

Description: Session on how a simple activity helps you connect with others and reflect on your own actions.
Presenter: Katya Rivero
Audience: Elementary

How to build lasting relationships: The Responsive Classroom Approach

Description: Session on how to build relationships in classrooms and foster inclusion based on the Responsive Classroom approach.
Presenter: Joe Stanzione
Audience: Elementary

Why is wellbeing screening important for every child?

Description: Session on a risk factor screening initiative and how this information is used to support students’ social emotional development.
Presenters: Monica Acosta, and Vicky Rodriguez
Session 1: 3rd - 5th Grades
Session 2: MS

Differentiation and how the standards based grading system is favorable to students

Description: Session on personalized learning and inclusion.
Presenter: Josh Almoite
Session: 1 MS
Session: 2 3rd - 5th Grade

Anxiety and Its Impact on Our Children

Description: Session on fostering healthy lifestyles and developing self awareness.
Presenter: Lily González
Audience: MSHS

Break Free From Depression

Description: Session to learn strategies to support teens and build resilience in the face of conflict or negative outcomes.
Presenter: Silvia Venegas
Audience: MSHS

From Middle School to High School, and High School to College.

Description: Session on how to use a “Growth Mindset” to guide children from Middle School to College.
Presenter: James King
Audience: MSHS

What is the value of entrepreneurship? What do we do in the Business incubator?

Description: Session on how entrepreneurial education develops life skills.
Presenters: Joelle Hernandez, and Elizabeth Salinas
Audience: HS

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