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Tuition 2017-2018

Monthly Tuitions 2017 - 2018

GRADES11 payments
Child 1
11 payments
Child 2+
N - PK 17,030 14,910
K - 5th 18,250 16,130
6th - 9th 21,050 18,930
10th - 12th 24,510 22,380
Bach 20,670 20,670
** New Registration N-12
(Fee effective on Sept. 2017)
22,170 per child
** New Registration Bach
(Fee effective on Sept. 2017)
11,670 per child

* Entrance Fee N-12 (USD) 8,000 per child

NOTE: Child 1 refers to the oldest child in a family between grades N-9 and 10-12 of the American program. Child 2+ refers to all other children.
Starting on SY 17-18 tuition for grades 6 - B3 includes all standard tests such as CWRA, PSAT, Piense, ACT, Geometer Sketchpad.
*One- Time Only Payments: Only paid when you enroll your child in ASFM for the first time.
** New Registration: If the student is withdrawn from ASFM and wishes to return, this fee applies again upon arrival. (Except students paying Temporary Leave)
Tuition payments begin in August 2017 and end in June 2018. (11 payments in total)
All fees are non-reimbursable and non-transferable.


Who is CHILD 1 and who is CHILD 2+?

  • Child 1: Oldest child in the family from grades N – 9 and 10-12 of the American program. (Bach Program is not included)
  • Child 2+: Refers to all other children

Example 1: A family has 2 children, one in 3rd grade and one in Bach 2. Child 1 is the student in 3rd grade, and Child 2+ is the student in Bach 3.

Example 2: A family has 2 children, one in 3rd grade and one in Nursery. Child 1 is the student in 3rd grade, and Child 2+ is the student in Nursery.

Example 3: A family has 3 children, one in 9th grade, 7th grade and one in B1. Child 1 is the student in 9th grade, and Child 2+ are the students in 7th and B1.

When do I pay Registration Fees?

Beginning August 2016, only new students arriving to ASFM will pay a one-time only registration fee. If your child is already enrolled at ASFM, he/she will not need to pay registration fees each year starting on August 2016.

American School Foundation of Monterrey

Ave. Ignacio Morones Prieto No. 1500
Col. San Isidro
Santa Catarina, N.L. C.P. 66190, Mexico
ELEM: (+52) 81 5000-4400
MSHS: (+52) 81 8288-4400

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ASFM is a private, non-profit, independent, international day school providing a U.S.-type education to international and Mexican students.

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