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Nursery / Elementary

The American School Foundation of Monterrey offers an excellent education for English speaking students who transfer into the city of Monterrey. The School has an academically demanding, college preparatory program for students in grades Nursery through 12th grade. The instructional program is modeled after current US trends and methodologies and English is the primary language of instruction. The breakdown of the student population is approximately 95% Mexican nationals, and the remaining 5% is made up of US citizens and third country nationals. The School recognizes that besides the regular adjustment challenges posed by any change in schools, students new to ASFM are faced with the additional task of meeting high academic expectations and integrating into a social environment consisting primarily of students who are native to Monterrey.

New students transferring from an equally demanding institution adapt readily to the instructional program. Students who come from less academic schools or who have learning differences, may require additional support outside of the regular classroom setting in order to be successful. In addition, it is important to note that the cut off date for entry into the ASFM may vary in comparison to other institutions. Students entering the Nursery program have to be 3.5 years of age by September 1st. That places students entering First Grade at 6.5 years of age. This often results in new students being younger than their same grade level peers and can have implications for grade level placement depending on the student's developmental readiness and academic achievement.

ASFM is committed to supporting the success of every student and employs several initiatives throughout the year to help new students adjust to life at ASFM and to Monterrey. These include:

  • New Family Orientation Night to receive general information about the school. New parents meet members of the administration, support staff, and representatives from the PTA.
  • New Student Orientation prior to the first day of school to meet the teacher and visit classrooms.
  • ASFM Passport: This is an activity promoted by school counselors. New students and their "buddy" visit members of the support staff and "collect" their signature, giving them the opportunity to meet and interact with different professionals.
  • In class visits, and follow-up on the part of the Counselors through conversations with teacher, student and phone calls to parents.
  • Use of the School wide themes of "Safe and Caring School" by teachers to promote a climate of respect, acceptance, and empathy towards others.
  • Support for exiting families in their transition out of ASFM and Monterrey.
  • The School offers a Resource program to assist students with mild learning differences on a limited basis. Grade level learning specialists use both the inclusion and the pullout models based on each child' s learning style and needs. Interventions are usually three to five times per week and program accommodations are implemented as needed. It is important to note however, that the Resource program does not have the breadth of support as similar programs in the US. Thus, the School may not adequately serve students with more severe learning differences and/or attention problems that require highly individualized programs.
  • Our full time psychologists are responsible for placement and diagnostic testing and are also available to staff and parents for consultation regarding students with special needs.
  • It is important that prospective families with special needs children look into this situation closely as most schools in the area do not offer special services for students who have learning differences.
  • The Optimal Match Program serves highly capable learners on a pullout basis beginning in Second Grade and through differentiated instruction at the classroom level in the earlier grades.

We appreciate your interest in the American School Foundation of Monterrey and encourage you to visit the rest of our website. We welcome any contact by telephone, e-mail or personal visit as a means of providing you with more information about our school. Applications can be downloaded from our website and information regarding the application and admissions process should be directed to the Office of the Registrar whose information is found below.

If you choose to become a member of our parent community we look forward to working with you in making your child's experience at ASFM a successful one.

Most Sincerely,

Joseph Stanzione
Elementary Principal and Campus Director

MSHS Welcome Letter to Parents

The American School Foundation of Monterrey is an excellent school. Please check our website, our school profile and overview. These are intended to help you obtain the information you need. This letter is intended to provide some additional insight into the special challenges our new international students face as they join our middle and high school at La Huasteca Campus.

ASFM is frequently rated as the best school in Monterrey and among the finest in Latin America. Local universities rank our students among the best they receive. This year we have students who have been accepted into 25 American universities and colleges including prestigious institutions such as Yale, Cornell, Uni. of Illinois, Uni. of Texas, Uni. of Chicago, N.Y.U., University of Southern California, Penn State Uni. and many others. Advanced Placement, SAT and TOEFL scores are well above average. La Huasteca is a school with a strong academic college preparation program. This kind of program makes ASFM an excellent choice for local students who have a wide range of school alternatives to consider. It can be an excellent choice for international students who come from schools with similar academic programs but La Huasteca may not be the right choice for students who require a broader range of course choices or more support for special needs.

Changing schools during adolescent years is difficult, even within the same city. When the move also involves a new country with a different language and culture, this change can be very stressful and difficult for teens. Our school presents another special challenge since 90% of our students are Mexican nationals who have been in school together since they were four years old.

We find many international students adapt quickly, are very happy and they find academic success at La Huasteca. We find others who take much longer to adjust. We have a few students who are not successful and leave La Huasteca. This is very painful for the student, family and our school. Usually the students who come to their new school family with a great attitude and get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible early in the school year tend to be happy and successful. Most of our students are Mexican and they of course shift to Spanish in the hallway and cafeteria after class, so newcomers have to be patient in learning a second language and assertive in asking their new friends to speak English in their presence. We do have Special Spanish classes at several levels to help newcomers learn quickly.

We have a very aggressive orientation program for all new students to La Huasteca and in particular for Americans. Some of our activities include:

  • special care and attention by teachers, team leaders, counselors resource teachers. We try to share the kind of steps new students can take that have worked well for others. We try to create natural curriculum related opportunities that will integrate students successfully. We try to be very available to listen to and respond to students needing help.
  • creating email buddies prior to arrival at La Huasteca matching new students with local students
  • special social activities outside of school sponsored by the Students Council or parents
  • special lunches for new students
  • special class scheduling to create successful situations
  • holding special events: multicultural days, diversity days
  • workshops on culture shock and what to expect with a move to a new country
  • matching older students with younger students to help with the orientation process
  • conflict resolution workshops
  • using some of our newest students to help prospective students and families understand the school when they visit or first begin classes
  • holding periodic joint meetings with international parents, students, counselors and administrators to see what the current issues are for new students and to brainstorm solutions
  • one on one weekly postcards
  • asking MS and HS Students Council to address the issue and look for solutions
  • wide variety of clubs, extracurricular activities and special events are offered.
In addition to the support given at school the International Parents Association does an excellent job of welcoming new parents, encouraging their attendance at monthly meetings to provide needed support, and serving as family buddies during their first few months in Monterrey.

We welcome any contact by email, telephone or personal visit to provide information and receive any suggestions on how La Huasteca can make international students successful.

We appreciate your interest in our school and look forward to your son or daughter joining us soon.


Ms. Sheldon Gunther Mrs. Tere Canales
Middle/High School PrincipalRegistrar


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