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Battle of the Books 2019

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Hello Universe
Esperanza Rising
Smile by Raina Telgemeier
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
Peak by Roland Smith
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher
Holes by Louis Sachar
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen


February 11, 2019 - Kick Off

Ready... set... read!

March 2019 - In-class Finale

7 Battles, 3 rounds per classroom: an 8-team classroom tournament. Each team name and members' names are posted on the tournament bracket on the library bulletin board.

April 12, 2019 - Finals

Semi-finals and Finals rounds and the championship match; held in auditorium in front of parents and the entire grade six generation.




The Clasroom Battles:

  1. The team that sits on the left will be always be given first chance at the odd numbered questions, and the team on the right will always be given first chance at the even questions.
  2. Each team will tell the READER who is serving as its CAPTAIN. The READER will accept answers from only that CAPTAIN; no other team member's answer shall be heard and recorded.
  3. The "odd" team will go first and be read question number one.
  4. The team shall have 30 seconds after the reading of the question to give its response through the team CAPTAIN. Teams are encouraged to confer before giving a response. Only the first answer the CAPTAIN gives will be acceptable--the team cannot use up the time left to guess other titles.
  5. If the answer is correct the team will be awareded one point.
  6. If a team gives an incorrect answer, the opposing team may answer the question and steal the point. The question will be repeated to the "acquiring" team, which will then have 10 seconds in which to come up with their answer.
 NOTE: If the acquiring team does not answer correctly, play does NOT pass back to the other team
  7. Regardless of who scored what on the last question, even numbered questions will be read to the even team, and odd numbered questions will be read to the odd team. This means that an "acquiring" team may get to answer two questions in a row--the one it acquired, followed by their own.
  8. If a team has begun its response before time is called, it will be allowed to complete it.
  9. After 10 questions have been asked, half-time score will be announced.
  10. After 20 questions have been asked, the reader must allow 15 seconds for challenges to be articulated through the team captain only. If there are no challenges, the final score will be announced and a winner will be declared. The round will be considered complete and no further challenges will be entertained. The winning team will advance to the next round.

The Championship Battles:

  1. These are different than classroom competitions in that these are speed rounds.
  2. The host reads the question, and the first captain to hit the button answers the question. If an incorrect answer is given, the other team can steal.
  3. There will be allowed a total of 30 seconds per question.
  4. If the captain hits the button early, he/she must answer without hearing the rest of the question.
  5. After hitting the button, the captain must answer the question immediately - no further confering allowed.
  6. Just as in the classroom, there are 20 questions per round. If teams are tied after the 20 questions, we go to “answer de oro” – first to answer a question correctly wins.


An answer is considered correct even if mispronounced, as long as the judge can discern it. That may mean that an incorrect article in a title may be used or answers that are slightly off (such as Zekmet the Stone Cutter instead of Zekmet the Stone Carver) are acceptable as well. (“That Stone Carver Guy” is not acceptable.) A correct author's name is one that is quoted as it appears on the official Battle of the Books list. The last name only is also acceptable.


The questions are proofread and worded carefully to avoid mistakes. The most common challenge occurs when a question may have two correct answers. When the error has been proven by consulting the books, both teams will receive credit for a correct title. These challenges must occur before the round is completed.

Information Center

During the rounds, the library bulletin board will serve as an information center displaying the booklist, team names (and logos?) and the tournament bracket. As the results for the rounds are reported to the coordinator, the winners will be posted in the spaces below and on the tournament score sheet.


Awards will be presented to the three runners-up and the champions. Each runner-up will receive a Certificate of Recognition and a gift certificate for a free book at the ASFM Spring Book Fair. The champions will not only receive Certificates of Recognition and gift certificates for free books, but will also receive a lunchtime photo-shoot with a menu of your choosing as you pose for a celebrity-style READ poster to be proudly displayed in the library!

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