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School Announcement

Elementary School Message with Updates about Mondays

Dear Parents,

Greetings to all!  As you read today’s Weekly Eagle and learn more about what the successes we are having as a community, I want to provide some detail and context about what Mondays will look like for Eagles from Nursery to Grade 5.

Schedules for Mondays
Beginning Monday, February 21, students will be on campus for both Covid testing and face-to-face learning each future Monday.  Students who are randomly selected to test will be escorted to the testing area by grade level teachers and providing individual support.  This will be new for students and we will be there for them.  Elementary testing will take place in the cafeteria.  For the time being, there will be an abridged Monday schedule compared to that of Tuesday to Friday.  We are entering our sixth iteration of student schedules this year and we anticipate more changes in the weeks to come.  This is our schedule:

  • 7:20 - Gates open
  • 7:30 - Student entry begins with temperatures monitored at each entrance.
  • 8:00 - Start time for classes for all students N-5
  • 8:45 - On-site testing begins
  • 11:30 - Dismissal time for Nursery and Pre-Kinder
  • 1:00 - Dismissal time for K-5

Covid-19 Testing
Testing will take place on campus.  Randomly selected students will be tested from 8:45 to 10:45 following a detailed schedule.  Those selected will receive email notification from the school.  Locations for each testing  colored area (ten in total) will be located at the Elementary building and MSHS building.  Opportunities for food and drink will take place following individual testing.  You DO NOT need to contact teachers to let them know that your child has been selected for testing.  Teachers will have access to grade level lists of students who are scheduled to test.  This is the first time we are attempting testing with students on campus and we will be debriefing with staff to make future adjustments for efficiency and effectiveness.

Learning on Mondays
We are excited about welcoming students back on campus on Mondays and bringing a close to online learning.  This day has been designed around addressing individual needs.  This is the first time we are attempting this style of learning platform across an entire day and will be debriefing with staff to make future adjustments.  Our two guiding principles for learning on Mondays include:

  • Allotting time for personalized learning and support
  • Providing students with differentiated experiences
  • Targeting specific needs and practicing individual skills and concepts through small group work

Team leaders and teacher teams have been working on the details for making Mondays unique in how we support each student.  It is likely that your child will be meeting with other grade level teachers or support staff on Mondays.  Each grade level has been original in its design and I am proud of the programming approach our teacher leaders have taken in designing this personalized day.  They have led the construction of schedules, priorities, responsibilities and learning principles.  Be sure to ask your child about her or his experience.  Here are some suggestions:

  • What was fun today about learning on Monday?
  • How was today a bit different than other days?
  • Tell me about what you learned today.

We are taking this new Monday schedule one step at a time.  As we continue to evolve as a school and adapt our schedules on Mondays, so will this programming for learning and Covid testing.  Our experiences these upcoming Mondays will tell us a lot about how to best serve student needs and follow health protocols.  More changes to schedules will likely take place in the near future with possible increases in the time on campus for students.  Our teachers and school leaders believe that we are heading in the right direction for everyone and our collective community.

In health, learning and all things wellbeing,

Joe Stanzione
Elementary Principal