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Here we go again Eagles!!!!!!! 
Dr. Michael Adams

After almost 6 months of distance learning, unprecedented decisions, countless hours in Zoom meetings, webinar after webinar, and the experimentation of our first Learning Roadmap, the ASFM leadership team united with our school board and our communications department to research, develop, polish, and then socialize our ASFM Learning Roadmap 2.0 on July 15th. We feel that we have put together a 3 phase plan that responds to feedback from the community and places health and safety as our key driver during these complex times and as we get ready to once again continue with learning on August 10th in a distance learning mode. 
In 34 years in education, this will be the first time I have had to work straight through the summer with basically no break, but my hope is that this time and effort (and that of my entire team) will pay off for our students and staff starting in August. As the Roadmap 2.0 states, our first goal is to be back in school with face to face learning on a daily basis as soon as possible because we prefer that type of learning to distant or hybrid learning. For now, however, we must continue to protect the health and lives of our community and as such we will launch the 20-21 school year once again with the support of our MacBooks, Chromebooks, smart phones and iPads!!! 
I would like to thank our entire community for all your support, ideas, motivation, cheerleading, examples, patience, and wisdom. I wish I could honestly say that we are almost clear of this horrible storm, but unfortunately I think we have to be prepared for a semester and possibly a year of uncertainty and toggling back and forth between distance and hybrid learning!!
Luckily we are in this together and we are one united community!! Take care and stay safe. 
In learning,
Dr. Michael W. Adams