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Week 10 of the COVID-19 contingency: message from Dr. Adams

Dear ASFM community, 


As we enter into the last week of May (Wow!) and finish our 10th week of distance learning (double Wow!), I continue to be amazed by our wonderful educators, our supportive parents, and our resilient and creative students. This amazement is of course accompanied by gratitude and appreciation!! Keep up the great work as we push through to the end of the school year and experience the following three weeks of school as one united team and one unified community. 

During this past week, I was able to attend and learn from several interesting webinar/Zoom sessions about online learning, end of the year procedures, strategic planning, and scenario building for the future. I was also able to connect with 50+ fellow educational leaders from Monterrey who form part of the Educando en Red network of schools to talk about our current situations and help each other plan for the future. At this meeting, we collectively reflected on the following common realities of our current situation: 

  • Communication is a priority. 
  • Balance is important. 
  • We are all learners. 
  • Mistakes are not only ok; but encouraged. 
  • Vulnerability is a part of life. 
  • Flexibility is a must. 
  • Student learning must take precedence above all else. 
  • A return to the “simple” is needed. 
  • Teamwork and networking is crucial. 

These reflections reinforce the work we are doing at ASFM to support our students, our parent community, and our staff as we conclude a school year that has challenged us to live our mission and vision in a new and unique manner. 

In the near future, we plan to share with you more information regarding how we envision starting the upcoming 2020-2021 school year on August 10th. As I mentioned last week, please keep the following points in mind as you prepare for the summer: 

  • We are working hard to create three start-up models for the August 10th first day of academic activities:
    • Scenario A: full Onsite 
    • Scenario B: Hybrid of the two (partial onsite and partial distance learning) 
    • Scenario C: full Distance Learning Plan (DLP)
  • The onsite and hybrid models being developed will need to meet specific health standards, comply with official State regulations and protocols, follow successful trends from other parts of the world, and allow for effective teaching and learning. 
  • ASFM will only be able to consider Scenario A or B if the Federal and State authorities allow us to do so based on the official phases (Sistema de semáforo nacional). 

Thank you again to teachers and to parents for all your effort and dedication to our ASFM learners. As always, please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have a question, doubt, positive comment, or concern; or if you want to just say hello. 

In learning, 

Dr. Michael W. Adams