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Week 3 of DLP: message from Dr. Adams

Dear ASFM community, 

Dr Michael Adams

I feel very proud that ASFM was the first educational institution in Mexico to formally adopt social distancing, and with extraordinary effort from administration, teachers and staff, a Distance Learning Plan (DLP) was rolled out in a matter of days to preserve the school year for our students. Our overriding goal during these unprecedented and challenging times has been the safety of our community at all times. In addition, we have strived to preserve the high standards of our educational program and help build resilience, understanding, patience, and empathy within the entire ASFM community. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING EDUCATORS!! 

I would also like to once again THANK ALL PARENTS for your patience, trust and commitment over these past few weeks with your support of the DLP.  While most of our older students have been able to manage their learning with a degree of independence, we realize that our younger students have needed significant guidance and support from parents. To help us improve the distance learning experience for all students, we ask you to please provide us with your overall, general experience of Distance Learning by way of the SURVEY below. Your feedback, together with the experience of our professional educators and the input from all learners, will be crucial in the ongoing distance learning experience. 

Based on what we are hearing from the Mexican authorities, please be prepared for the Distance Learning Plan and our social distancing to continue through at least April 30th. I will continue to work with the authorities to monitor the status of the city and of the country and announce any change to this plan. Although this news might seem daunting, concerning, and/or disappointing, I encourage all of us to see this as a chance to rethink priorities, bond with our family (either in person or virtually), balance our life, and focus on our wellness. In a time where many people around the world are suffering, I ask you to please count your blessings and cherish your family, health and safety. 

At a weekly webinar yesterday morning with 120 other Heads of School from around the world, I was reminded of a very important lesson. The current ambiguity that we are all living plus the discomforts, opportunities, and creativity that we are all experiencing, gives us an amazing chance to rethink teaching and learning and re-prioritize our lives. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a “new normal” that is possibly more in line with a well balanced life of serenity, courage, and wisdom! 

I was also reminded that we need to see this experience as a “marathon” and not a “sprint;” meaning that we need to take things slowly, carefully, and with much patience, stamina and understanding. With this “marathon” in mind, we are about to start our very first, all community “stay-cation” with our upcoming Spring / Easter Break. Although formal classes will not be held over the next two weeks, I am very grateful to Gaby Maiz and her EPU team of volunteers who have put together amazing opportunities for a wonderful Stay@Home vacation experience for the entire family. Please be sure to use the link below to plan for two weeks of personal, educational and cultural exploration and enjoyment. 

As stated in the April 1st message to the parent community, the ASFM Board of Directors is sensitive to the unprecedented moment our community members are experiencing and is well aware that financial constraints may afflict some members of our parent community. In addition to the reduction of 20% that was applied to this month’s tuition, a virtual window is now open should a family require additional financial aid and/or a deferred payment plan until July 31. For this purpose, please refer to the application link below. 

In conclusion, I invite you to click on the link below to access my 3rd personal video message to you as the Superintendent of ASFM and as your friend. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have a question, doubt, or concern; or if you want to just say hello. Take care and stay safe. 

Important links mentioned above: 

In learning, 

Dr. Michael W. Adams