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Our school, like most overseas schools, conducts its hiring from November through March for the following school year. There are several recruitment fairs held each year in January, February and March to match schools with teachers who wish to work abroad.

ASFM will be recruiting via the GRC, Search Associates, UNI, and Queens University online platforms.

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The decision to create an American type education in Monterrey began at a meeting of parents at the Monterrey Foreign Club, on the night of June 28, 1928. The school opened on September 3, 1928, at 724 Hidalgo Street, with a Principal/teacher and two other teachers caring for the educational needs of 57 pupils ranging from primary to tenth grade. The school was organized under Mexican law as a private civil society and received its charter on October 13, 1928. During the 1936-37 school year the location of the American School moved to an address on Bolivar (now Padre Mier) between Pino Suárez and Rayón. After June 1938, it moved again to the site of the Old Country Club in Obispado. In April 1944, the school was reestablished under the name of The American School Foundation of Monterrey as a non-profit society, founded by four individuals. These individuals were joined some months later by one other person and thirteen companies, who then comprised the original Founders. Read more...

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Two important athletic events happened this past week: Kipchoge recorded, again, the fastest marathon ever in Berlin and Roger Federer retired. Did you happen to see the photo circulating on social media over the weekend?

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Stiff Upper Lip

Have you ever heard the expression “stiff upper lip” or “grin and bear it”? These expressions are a bit old fashioned, but I grew up hearing them from my grandmother.

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Meeting Expectantions & Two Queens

This morning, Thursday, September 9, I fist bumped almost every student as they entered MSHS. “Take responsibility,” this year is about attendance. By 8:30am this morning every student was in the building. Well done! I know the transition back to school is hard, but we can do hard things.

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