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"We believe in open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership as essentials for a healthy and successful life."

Dr. Michael Adams
This vision for the American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) is the driving force behind our improvement initiatives, our school-wide programs, our community activities, and our strategic direction for the future. This vision, along with our mission, play a crucial role in supporting our 2,400 students from grades Nursery through 12, our overall staff of 450 professionals and paraprofessionals, and our 1,000+ parent community as we work together to engage and enable students to achieve their individual potential in citizenship, academics, athletics, and the arts.
As the Superintendent of this amazing school and wonderful community, I am energized and invigorated by the thought of what awaits us all. Our desire and goal is to prepare all students through an innovative, inclusive, diverse, and intensive program of quality and excellence. Please accept my personal invitation to join our “family” as we prepare our students and our entire community for a wonderfully exciting future.

We invite you to visit our website to get more information about our school. Perhaps we will get a chance to meet you at some point in the future at one of the Recruiting Fairs. Best of Luck!

Dr. Michael Adams,
ASFM Superintendent


Recruitment Guidelines for Child Protection

ASFM follows a strict and safe recruitment process to make sure that the people hired are suitable for the role and suitable to work with children. All professionals who work at ASFM have a duty to keep children safe from harm. 

All ASFM staff involved in hiring new employees will verify professional references personally and will make sure candidates know that this will happen. All references of candidates are confidential in nature and must be provided by former employers and/or supervisors, not friends and colleagues.

It is also essential for ASFM to protect our students by verifying that their teachers have clean criminal records.  Candidates should know that when they apply to our school, they will be required to provide official background checks, and that ASFM reserves the right to do additional background checks as needed. By applying to ASFM, all applicants hereby grant their permission for prior employers to be contacted for these above mentioned purposes.