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Educational Staff

Our school, like most overseas schools, conducts its hiring from November through March for the following school year. There are several recruitment fairs held each year in January, February and March to match schools with teachers who wish to work abroad.

ASFM will be recruiting via the GRC, Search Associates, UNI, and Queens University online platforms.

Philosophy of Compensation

The ASFM philosophy of compensation is to provide all teachers with a progressive compensation system that attracts and retains high performing teachers whose philosophies, character and practices are aligned with ASFM’s vision and mission.

The five goals of this compensation system are to:

  1. Maintain global competitiveness within a local context.
  2. Insure clarity, transparency and trust.
  3. Establish a differentiated structure that is equitable, flexible, and fair.
  4. Recognize exemplary performance.
  5. Promote meaningful growth opportunities.


This list contains vacancies as necessary during the school year and for the recruiting season. 


Date Posted Position Start Date Apply


No open positions



Date Posted Position Grade Level Start Date apply


No open positions



Date Posted Position Grade Level Start Date apply
May 23, 2022 Science Lab Technician
Job Description
Grades 9-12 July 2022 EMAIL HERE
May 23, 2022 MSHS Permanent Substitute Teacher
Job Description
Grades 6-12 July 2022 EMAIL HERE