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About Monterrey

Monterrey is one of the three most important cities in Mexico. Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains in the Northeastern part of the country, the city has an altitude of 537m above sea level. Its population reaches more than 3 1/2 million people. The city is full of tradition, culture, and progress.

As a producer of steel, glass, cement, and beer, it has a major industrial and financial center in Mexico, drawing on students from its two world-class universities, the Tec de Monterrey and UdeM.

Monterrey has nine months of warm weather and three months of colder temperatures. Being a semi-desert region, rainfall is sporadic throughout the year. The warm weather starts in March and continues until the end of October with temperatures ranging from 80° to 100°F. During January and February, some cold spells usually occur. Temperatures can go below freezing; however, snow is rare.

Monterrey is noted for dramatic and rapid changes in temperature. The newcomer soon becomes as acclimated to these changes as to tortillas and refried beans, and finds that they too add to the charm of living in Mexico.

Though primarily a city of industry, Monterrey offers its share of museums and restaurants, with many interesting places to visit nearby. In addition, Monterrey has many things to do for the adventurist: rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and more.

Newcomers have a look! There is a lot to do and see in Monterrey and Garza Garcia.